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So, a lot has happened recently.

For the past two weeks, I've been down with a cold as well as laryngitis (lost my voice, it's slowly coming back).
So, I've been struggling at work because where I work, speaking is part of the job. I'm greeting guests and helping them, so, eek. My performance has been lacking and I've been sent home early due to how bad it can be sometimes.
So, it's given me time to write.
I should have something posted soon, I was planning on sooner, but I'm still sorting the last few pages of the next chapter. Sorry about Pokemon, it's still on standby. (In case you didn't know, the laptop in which I had all those chapters got infected with a virus and there's pretty much no recovery and it's destroyed months of writing).
So, I don't know when I'll be updating that... I had hoped on finishing that this year, but most likely next year before March hopefully.
Last Sunday, I adopted another bird, rehoming him to be a companion to my green cheek, Jack. I'm still thinking of a name for this little guy, it's unsure whether it's a female or a male, but based on behavior, I'm leaning towards boy.
So, help out with that. I've been wanting to call him "Crowley", "Faust", and "Cynder" but my mom doesn't care for my Supernatural love and other stuff and is calling my bird "Fatty" instead.
Since there's no way, I'm going to call my baby "Fatty", I've been looking for shorter, simpler names that my family wouldn't mind as the nicknames they're giving my baby are so demeaning.

Anyway, yeah, naming the bird has sort of been priority. I've kinda been thinking of Oliver, like Oliver Queen from Arrow. And if it's a girl, I'll swap to Olivia, or just Olive. *shrug*
It's a green bird with attitude, which is why I loved Crowley. This bird has a sassy personality that can match the King of Hell.
Faust is a name I've always wanted to give to either a future child or pet, but it doesn't suit this bird particularly.
Cynder, I got from the Spyro game, technically it is unisex and because of the way the bird appears, with a chest of feathers of yellow, red, and orange. It looked like flames, sparks, embers, cinders.

My friend joked I should name him "N". But uh...... no.

I've been thinking of naming him also something after a character from the Hayao Miyazaki films or names of the literature Ghibli used.
For example, my 'tiel that passed on was named after Calcifer because his head looked like a little fiery head.

Jack didn't get much creativity into his name like Calcifer did. A lot of my friends think I named him after "Jack Sparrow" or "Jack Harkness", or hell, "Jack Frost", because they're characters I love.

But no, none of the above. Jack is actually named after the infamous Jack the Ripper.

Why? When Jack bites, he'll make you bleed. His primary target is women, he hates other girls. I'm the only exception.
Jack doesn't seem to mind boys though, he gave my ex a kiss upon their first meeting. Sooo, yep.


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I am an insane photographer who also draws and writes. I spend lots of time on the internet, on video games, at school, on homework, and of course the outdoors. Despite my anti-social and bookworm tendencies, I am definitely a wild child who loves nature and nearly every aspect that comes with it. (Reason why I photograph nature the most).

I can become easily obsessed with things, which is why I stay away from actual drugs, general smoking and drinking, and the related; besides, all my hobbies are my drug.
I like a lot of stuff other than my hobbies; but I don't want to go into writing them because I might not ever stop.

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